Learning beyond text-books and classrooms

Excel Public School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Delhi and follows the educational programme as recommended by it. Academics at Excel Public School is rigorous and focusses on the following:

  • Enabling the students to discover and actualise their true potential and not just score marks
  • Building skills in all the intelligences, based on the theory of ‘Multiple Intelligences’
  • Promoting independent thinking by giving freedom to question, observe, experiment, research, validate and then come up with original and creative ideas
  • Providing a happy, safe and positive classroom which enhances the natural progression of learning
  • Positive and restorative discipline in the classroom
  • Using differentiated instructional strategy and a multisensory approach to allow students with different learning pace and styles to maximise their learning
  • Promoting interdisciplinary learning for expansion of knowledge
  • Extending learning through field trips, industrial visits and extended learning events
  • Enhancing teaching-learning experience through the seamless blend of technology by embedding values and life skills across the subject areas so that students can evolve as reflective human beings
  • Guiding, monitoring and assessing student’s work by the teachers regularly along with timely constructive feedback
  • Building a sense of achievement in students through appreciation and adequate challenges
  • Ensuring the ‘humane’ aspect of schooling experience, where children enjoy learning in a non-threatening and stimulating environment.